Formed in 2010 by Winter and Nocturnus Dominus sharing the same religious views and outlook on Black Metal with one make hymns in the name of the Devil.
Winter - Vocals, Lyrics
Nocturnus Dominus - All Instruments, Lyrics

Orthodox Path of Worship (2012) Full-Length

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Faith in Sacrifice
3. Orthodox Path of Worship
4. Satan is Timeless
5. Forbidden Eyes
6. The Coming Terror of Jehovah's Demise
7. Mysteries of Darkness
8. Outro
9. Tempered in the Furnace of Truth (Bonus CD track) with lyrics by Shatraug (Horna, Sargeist, Behexen)

The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins" Split w/ Anal Blasphemy

Track list:

1. Anal Blasphemy - Licking the Cunt of Chaos 03:49  
2. Anal Blasphemy - Sperm of Satan, Antichrist Semen 04:17  
3. Anal Blasphemy - Birth-Death-Rebirth 09:29  
4. Forbidden Eye - Intro 01:20  
5. Forbidden Eye - The Moon of the Blood Serpent 04:16  
6. Forbidden Eye - Monastery of Satan 04:15  
7. Forbidden Eye - Hour Glass of Black Tears

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